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JATCO newly develops the “Jatco CVT-S” specifically for mini vehicles

Fuji, Shizuoka – JATCO Ltd has developed a new continuously variable transmission (CVT) for mini vehicles, the “Jatco CVT-S (JF021E)” (hereinafter CVT-S).

The newly developed CVT-S is a small, light, and fuel-efficient transmission with optimized ratio coverage that is perfect for mini vehicles, which account for roughly 40% of Japan’s automobile market. Compared with the current Jatco CVT7 in the same class, friction has been reduced by 8% and weight has been reduced by about 4.2 kg. Its key features are as follows:

Main features are as follows.

Optimized ratio coverage for mini vehicles
Ratio coverage has been optimized at 6.0, taking into account Japan’s traffic conditions and mini-vehicle usage patterns. This allows the CVT-S to provide both fuel economy and power performance that better match mini vehicles.

Lower friction
The CVT-S features a tandem piston structure for the pulley pressure chamber and low-friction ball bearings. In addition, a baffle plate is provided for the transmission gears, and lubricant distribution, pulley hold pressure, and final gear ratio have all been optimized. As a result, friction is reduced by 8% compared with the current CVT7.

Smaller and lighter
Weight reduction measures were thoroughly considered for each part, leading to improvements including a reduction of the inner diameter of the pulleys and a thinning of both the sheave walls and the walls of the pressure chamber parts. These measures reduced the weight by roughly 6% (about 4.2 kg) compared with the current CVT7.

Improved noise, vibration, and harshness performance
A double-pinion four-planetary-gear configuration was adopted to reduce gear noise when driving in reverse. In addition, the coupling rigidity with the engine was improved by optimizing the coupling geometry and coupling points between the engine and CVT.

JATCO’s cumulative CVT production volume had reached 40 million units since the production launch in 1997. The company says it believes its technology and high level of quality developed for many years of monozukuri experience will realized in new “CVT-S” and contribute to mini vehicles in Japanese market.

About JATCO Ltd
Headquartered in Fuji, Shizuoka, JATCO is a leading automotive transmission manufacturer, specializing in the design, development, and manufacture of automatic transmissions and CVTs. In addition to plants in Japan, JATCO has production facilities in Mexico, China, and Thailand. The company has an approximately 50% share of the global CVT market.