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JATCO will participate in the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2022 Yokohama

Yokohama, Japan – JATCO Ltd will be exhibiting at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2022 Yokohama being held May 25–27, 2022 at the Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall. We will also be holding a press briefing at our booth on May 25 from 9:25 a.m. by our CEO, Tomoyoshi Sato.

JATCO Booth (Booth number: 98)

JATCO’s booth concept this time is “JATCO’s core technologies live on in the age of electrification” and we will be exhibiting our both our mainline AT/CVT products and electrification products.

Two newly developed AT/CVT products will be making their public premiere. One will be the JR913E, a 9-speed automatic transmission for RWD vehicles that is light and compact for a 9-speed and uses magnesium for the transmission casing. The other is the Jatco CVT-X, a CVT for medium to large FWD vehicles that achieves over 90% transmission efficiency, a feat once thought impossible for CVTs.

JATCO has also built up its know-how in preparation for the age of electrification. In 2010 we developed the JR712E, a RWD transmission for hybrid vehicles. This year, we supplied reducer components for Nissan’s flagship EV, the new Nissan Ariya. These components contribute to the characteristic quietness of the Nissan Ariya and will be displayed publicly for the first time.

In addition, JATCO will be bringing our e-Axle unit for electrified vehicles that consolidates a motor, gears, and inverter to market in the mid-2020s. In particular, our coaxial-type e-Axle, which passes the driveshaft through the center of the motor, uses our in-house gear technologies to enable the high efficiency and low weight sought for in EVs. Both our coaxial-type and 3-axis type e-Axles will be on display.


  • e-Axle (coaxial) for electrified vehicles (concept model) [Japan premiere]
  • e-Axle (3-axis) for electrified vehicles (concept model)
  • Reducer components for the new Nissan Ariya [Public premiere]
  • Jatco CVT-X for medium/large FWD vehicles [Public premiere]
  • JR913E 9-speed automatic transmission for RWD vehicles [Public premiere]
  • CVT operating principles model

Press Briefing Information
Date: May 25 (Wed) 9:25–9:45 a.m.
Presenter: President and CEO Tomoyoshi Sato
Booth no.: 98

Automotive Engineering Exposition 2022 Website

About JATCO Ltd
Headquartered in Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan, JATCO is a leading automotive transmission and electric vehicle powertrain manufacturer, specialized in the design, development, and manufacture of automatic transmissions and CVTs. In addition to plants in Japan, JATCO has production facilities in Mexico, China, and Thailand.