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JATCO supplies parts for the new Nissan Ariya

Fuji, Shizuoka – JATCO Ltd is supplying key parts for the reducer in the electric powertrain of the new Nissan flagship, the Nissan Ariya.

The role of a reducer is to decrease the rotational speed of a motor or other source of driving force in exchange for an increase in torque. JATCO has over 50 years of automatic transmission and continuously variable transmission gear machining and mass production experience, and using these technologies, we have begun providing 5 key parts for the reducer installed in the new Nissan Ariya: the final gear, input shaft, output gear, output shaft, and parking wheel. Our gear technologies contribute to the quietness essential to the powerful yet smooth fine-driving experience characteristic to electric vehicles (EVs).

Final gear
Input shaft
Output gear and shaft
Parking wheel

JATCO is continuing its research and development for the era of electrification. We are not stopping at just providing parts for EV reducers, but are also preparing for the launch of our e-Axle powertrain system for EVs. We plan to continue using our unique technologies to contribute to the future of mobility.

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