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JATCO and Fuji City signed an agreement for community development and resolution of regional issues by utilizing bicycles

Fuji, Shizuoka – On March 2, 2022, JATCO Ltd and Fuji City signed the “Fuji City and JATCO Ltd agreement for community development and resolution of regional issues by utilizing bicycles.”

JATCO is pursuing research and development for electric-assist bicycles as an initiative to use the technology it has cultivated, from automatic transmissions for automobiles, in the field of new mobility. On the other hand, Fuji City is promoting community development by utilizing bicycles as means of transportation that reduces the burden on the environment and promotes health. The purpose of this agreement is to embody our combined efforts to address social issues by strengthening cooperation between JATCO, which wants to contribute to the local community by using its technologies, and Fuji City, which will promote community development by utilizing bicycles.

Based on this agreement, JATCO and Fuji City will work on ways to solve regional issues through the use of bicycles, such as promoting tourism, improving the health of citizens, alleviating traffic congestion, and reducing the burden on the environment.

At the signing ceremony held at Fuji City Hall, JATCO President and CEO, Tomoyoshi Sato commented: “With the signing of this agreement, we take on the challenge of various issues such as promoting tourism, improving citizens’ health, and reducing traffic congestion through the use of bicycles with the people of Fuji City and want to build a sustainable future that can deliver ‘safety and security to the people’ toward the realization of ‘Fuji City, the city of lifelong youth’ advocated by Mayor Konagai,” and Fuji City Mayor, Yoshimasa Konagai mentioned: “I hope that the development of bicycles that make use of JATCO’s technological capabilities will further revitalize our city’s industry, help solve the social issues that our city faces, and form a sustainable society for our citizens.”