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Press releases

JATCO presents technologies at Beijing Motor Show (Auto China 2018)

JATCO Ltd (President: Teruaki Nakatsuka, head office: Fuji City, Shizuoka, Japan, Capital: JPY29.93 billion), a leading manufacturer of continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) with No.1 market share, is participating in Beijing Motor Show (Auto China 2018), which will open for public on April 27 (booth number E34A01).

JATCO is the only transmission manufacturer with a full line-up of CVTs from the one for minicars to ones for 3.5-liter-class vehicles, and maintains a top global share (37% in 2017, according to JATCO’s research). It manufactures CVTs at six plants located in four countries. JATCO (Guangzhou) Automatic Transmission Ltd. (Guangzhou, China; hereinafter “JATCO Gaungzhou”), which celebrated its 10th anniversary last year, produces “Jatco CVT7 W/R”, which is already available in Chinese market and adopted in Dongfeng Nissan’s Lannia, Kicks, and other models, as well as other major products such as “Jatco CVT7” and “Jatco CVT8”, which account for 90% of global sales volume. JATCO Guangzhou currently has an annual output capacity of one million units.

The Chinese government is accelerating roll out of new energy vehicles as it contends with severe environmental pollution. At the Beijing Motor Show (Auto China 2018), JATCO presents a concept model of the transmission for mild-hybrid vehicles for the first time, which has been developed as a part of its electrification efforts. The transmission for mild-hybrid vehicles, which combines an existing CVT with 48V electric components, enable to use smaller batteries and motors than those of the transmission for strong-hybrid vehicles, while achieves sufficient fuel efficiency improvement with less cost. It adopts the same “1-motor and 2-clutches system” as “Jatco CVT8 HYBRID”, which is already available in the market, and realizes very high fuel efficiency through EV driving. EV driving ratio is 40% in NEDC mode, and fuel efficiency improves by 15% to conventional CVT8. This transmission also contributes China’s 2025 fuel-economy regulations. Designed with the same length as “Jatco CVT8”, it fits in vehicles without significant modifications.

The ratio of two-pedal vehicles equipped with a CVT sold in China has increased from one in five vehicles in 2016 to one in four vehicles in 2017. This progress reflects the growing importance of CVTs in Chinese market.

JATCO’s President and CEO, Teruaki Nakatsuka commented that “the automobile industry is currently in a period of major changes. JATCO, as a specialty manufacturer of transmissions, aims to refine its core CVT technologies and also deliver new value to electrification, autonomous driving, and other new mobility with these technologies. JATCO continuously contribute to automobile society with high-quality automatic transmissions providing robust environmental performance and power performance supported by our technologies backed by the performance in the market.”