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JATCO’s cumulative CVT(Continuously Variable Transmission) production in China exceeds 5 million units

JATCO Ltd (President: Teruaki Nakatsuka, head office : Fuji city, Shizuoka, Japan, Capital JPY: 29.93 billion, hereinafter “JATCO”) has announced that the cumulative CVT (Continuously Variable Transmissions) production at its Chinese manufacturing subsidiary “JATCO (Guangzhou) Automatic Transmission Ltd.” (hereinafter “JATCO Guangzhou”) has reached 5 million units as of January 2018. This result has been achieved in 10 years since JATCO started manufacturing operation in China.

JATCO Guangzhou was established as a JATCO’s manufacturing base in China in 2007. Since commencing production in 2009, it has been expanding production capacity steadily under the guiding principle of “listen in China, think in China, and act in China”. Current employees are more than 2,000, and both the “Jatco CVT7” and the “Jatco CVT8” are produced in the scale of one million units per year. The total production in the fiscal year 2016 was 940,000 units, making up approximately 20% of global CVT production.

In 2012, Quality Assurance Technical Center was established in JATCO Guangzhou to meet the Chinese market needs swiftly and offer even higher quality products. JATCO Guangzhou now performs a variety of functions such as market research, R&D, production, sales, and market quality assurance, making it an important facility for JATCO’s global strategy. In 2015, mass production of “Jatco CVT7 W/R”, featuring a world’s largest ratio coverage of 8.7, was started in JATCO Guangzhou. This was the first launch of a brand new product in overseas manufacturing base.

Yoshinobu Akiyama, president of JATCO Guangzhou commented that, “in the 10 years since establishment, JATCO Guangzhou has acquired leading class manufacturing technologies, and is now playing an important role in providing CVTs, JATCO’s major products, globally. Having achieved production of 5 million units, we will continue to improve our excellent technological capabilities and aim for even higher performance. By producing high quality products which realize both environmental and driving performance at high level, we continue to lead the expansion of Chinese CVT market and contribute to the development of Chinese automotive industry.”

JATCO (Guangzhou) Automatic Transmission Ltd.
Established as a production base for JATCO Ltd on April 13, 2007, in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. Production commenced in April 2009.
・Capital Investment: 180 million RMB
・Capital Structure: 100% JATCO Ltd
・Site Area: 150,000 sqm
・Employees: 2,017 (as of end March 2017)

Reference: JATCO Guangzhou production milestone to 5 million units
Year/Month                 Cumulative Total of Units Produced
September 2009        100,000
April 2013                    1 million
July 2014                     2 million
January 2016             3 million
March 2017                 4 million
January 2018             5 million

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