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Press releases

JATCO announces changes to Board Members and Corporate Officers

JATCO Ltd (President: Teruaki Nakatsuka, Headquarters: Fuji City, Shizuoka, Capital: JPY 29.9 billion), a leading manufacturer of automatic transmissions (AT/CVT), announces the following changes to its Board Members and Corporate Officers.

1. Changes to Board Members (as of December 1)

―Senior Vice President Tetsuya Takahashi newly assumes the position of Board Member as of December 1 (to be appointed at the Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting that is scheduled for November 24).

―Seiji Honda resigns from the position of Board Member as of November 30.

2. Changes to Corporate Officers (as of December 1)

―President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Teruaki Nakatsuka (overall management of JATCO operations, including domestic and overseas affiliated companies; responsible for Internal Audit Office), is in addition to his current responsibilities commissioned as Chairman of JATCO Engineering Ltd, Chairman of JATCO (Guangzhou) Automatic Transmission Ltd., and Chairman of JATCO (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

―Corporate Vice President Teruo Ashikari (responsible for JEPS Promotion Department, CVT Manufacturing Plant, FF A/T Manufacturing Plant, FR A/T Manufacturing Plant, Casting & Forging Plant, Yagi & Kyoto Manufacturing Plant, and Quality Assurance Department) is in addition to his current responsibilities acting as Division Head of Production Division.

―Chief Operating Officer (COO) Seiji Honda (management of Corporate Quality Assurance Division, R&D Division, and Purchasing Division; Division Head of Production Division) resigns from his position as of November 30.