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JATCO’s cumulative global AT/CVT production exceeds 100 million units

JATCO Ltd (President: Teruaki Nakatsuka, Headquarters: Fuji City, Shizuoka, Paid-up capital: JPY 29.9 billion, hereinafter “JATCO”), a leading manufacturer of automotive transmissions (ATs/CVTs), today announced that the company’s cumulative global production of stepped automatic transmissions (step ATs) and continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) since commencing production operations at Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.’s (hereinafter “Nissan”) Yoshiwara Plant (subsequently renamed Fuji Plant)-a precursor of JATCO-exceeded 100 million units* in late March 2017. Production of step ATs accounted for approximately 65 million units, while production of CVTs accounted for approximately 35 million units. These milestones were achieved 50 years after production of step ATs commenced at Nissan’s Yoshiwara Plant in 1967. The technologies and knowhow refined over the course of the production of those 100 million units are constantly utilized to ensure the high level of performance and quality for which JATCO products are known.
*Includes step ATs and CVTs produced at predecessor companies (Nissan’s Yoshiwara Plant, Japan Automatic Transmission Co., Ltd., Diamondmatic Co., Ltd.)

Production of the first step AT, the 3-speed “3N71” for front-engine, rear-wheel-drive vehicles (designed for use in Nissan’s Datsun Sunny 1000) commenced in April 1967 at Nissan’s Yoshiwara Plant. In 1989, when 3- and 4-speed ATs were still the mainstream, Japan Automatic Transmission Co., Ltd. was the first in the world to commence mass production of electronically controlled 5-speed ATs for front-engine, rear-wheel-drive vehicles, and this provided the impetus for a global shift toward ATs featuring larger numbers of speeds. JATCO subsequently released to the market in quick succession a 6-speed AT for front-engine, front-wheel-drive vehicles; a 7-speed AT for front-engine, rear-wheel-drive vehicles; and a 7-speed AT for front-engine, rear-wheel-drive hybrid vehicles.

In 1997, mass production of the “F06A” (designed for use in the Nissan Primera)—the world’s first 2-liter-class steel belt CVT—was launched, and the era of the CVT began. Amidst increasing worldwide interest in the environment and fuel efficiency, JATCO has since released various products featuring world-first technologies that facilitate outstanding fuel efficiency performance, and has continued to lead the industry as a CVT pioneer. The “JF011E” CVT for mid-sized front-engine, front-wheel-drive vehicles was released in 2004 and has since become a best-seller with 13 million units produced thus far; owing to its installation in a large number of different vehicle types, this product has made a significant contribution to expansion of the CVT market. “Jatco CVT7”, a CVT with a world-first auxiliary gearbox, was released to the market in 2009 for mini and small vehicles, and is now recognized by customers around the world for its outstanding performance and fuel efficiency; the product has been produced in excess of 11 million units, and demand for it continues to expand. In response to increasing global demand for automotive transmissions, JATCO is creating a global production network, with production having commenced in Mexico in November 2005, China in September 2009, and Thailand in July 2013. Cumulative production outside Japan has already exceeded 14 million units.

This year not only sees JATCO achieving the production of 100 million units, but also marks the anniversary of 50 years of step AT production and 20 years of CVT production. Furthermore, the company is determined to continue to refine the step AT and CVT technologies it has built up over the years, while responding to changing automotive needs and providing customers with products they will highly value.

Milestones on the path to cumulative AT/CVT production of 100 million units

1967 Production commences of the “3N71”, a 3-speed AT for front-engine, rear-wheel-drive vehicles
1989 Production commences of the “JR502E”, the world’s first electronically controlled 5-speed AT for front-engine, rear-wheel-drive vehicles
1997 Production commences of the “F06A”, the world’s first 2-liter class steel belt CVT
1999 Production commences of the “JR006E”, the world’s first Toroidal CVT
2002 Production commences of the “JF010E”, the world’s first steel belt CVT for 3.5-liter class vehicles
2005 Production of CVTs commences in Mexico (Aguascalientes)
Cumulative AT/CVT production exceeds 50 million units
2009 Production commences of the “Jatco CVT7 (JF015E)”, the world’s first CVT with an auxiliary gearbox designed for mini and small vehicles
Production of CVTs commences in China (Guangzhou)
2010 Production commences of the “JR712E”, the world’s first 1-motor 2-clutch transmission for medium and large front-engine, rear-wheel-drive hybrid vehicles
2013 Production commences of the “Jatco CVT8 HYBRID”, the world’s first dry multi-plate clutch transmission for medium and large front-engine, front-wheel-drive hybrid vehicles
Production of CVTs commences in Thailand (Chonburi)
2017 Cumulative global AT/CVT production reaches 100 million units