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Jatco CVT7 attains 10 million units in global production

JATCO Ltd (President: Teruaki Nakatsuka, Headquarters: Fuji City, Shizuoka, Paid-up capital: JPY 29.9 billion), a leading manufacturer of automatic transmissions (AT/CVT), announced that the “Jatco CVT7,” which is the world’s first CVT with an auxiliary gearbox for mini and small sized FF (front-engine, front-wheel-drive) vehicles, has reached 10 million units in its cumulative global production volume in the seven years and one month since the production has commenced in July 2009. There are only two single-model CVTs* in the world that have achieved cumulative production volume of 10 million units—JATCO’s CVT for medium-sized FF vehicles (JF011E) attained 10 million units of production in March 2014, nine years and 11 months after the production has commenced, and the “Jatco CVT7.” 

The “Jatco CVT7” is the first CVT in the world that combines a metal belt-type CVT with a two-step AT: auxiliary gearbox. Compared to previous CVT models of the same class, its transmission gear ratio coverage has been expanded by more than 20%. It has also successfully improved acceleration in vehicle start as well as quietness during high-speed driving. In addition, the introduction of the auxiliary gearbox reduces the diameter of the pulley. Thereby the “Jatco CVT7” is 10% shorter in length and 13% lighter in weight, making it more compact and lightweight than the previous model. The use of a small pulley and optimization of layout have also helped to reduce the stirring resistance of the oil, which in turn lowers friction by 30%. 

This superb and innovative technology, as demonstrated by its superior fuel performance, power performance, and mountability, has been highly appraised. In April 2011, the “Jatco CVT7” received the “88th Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Award (Technology)” and the “Technological Development Award in the 61st Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan Award.” 

The production regions have also expanded in tandem with the growth in demand, and production has started in China in April 2011, in Mexico in August 2012, and in Thailand in September 2013. Currently, overseas production ratio stands at approximately 60%. As one of the main products of JATCO, the “Jatco CVT7” is expected to bring further growth in production volume going forward.  

Using the “Jatco CVT7” as its basis, JATCO launched the “Jatco CVT7 W/R” in 2015 with an expanded transmission gear ratio coverage of 8.7, the largest in the world, as well as further improved fuel efficiency and drivability. 45 billion yen has been invested for producing the “Jatco CVT7”. 

Since JATCO has started CVT production in 1997, it has commercialized numerous world’s first technologies, and has constantly led the industry as CVT pioneer. JATCO is the only manufacturer to offer a full CVT lineup for vehicles ranging from mini cars to 3.5-liter class vehicles from a total of six CVT manufacturing plants, three in Japan and three overseas. In 2015, JATCO marked the industry’s top share of 41% in the worldwide CVT production. 
*Based on JATCO internal inquiry

《Journey to 10 million units of “Jatco CVT7” production》
  July 2009             Commenced production of the Jatco CVT7 (JF015E), the world’s first
CVT with an auxiliary gearbox for mini and small vehicles
  April 2011            Received the “88th Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Award
Received the “Technological Development Award in the 61st Society
                             of Automotive Engineers of Japan Award”
Commenced production at JATCO (Guangzhou, China) Automatic
                                 Transmission Ltd. (hereafter, JATCO Guangzhou)
  August 2012         Commenced production at JATCO Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
  September 2013   Commenced production at JATCO Thailand Co., Ltd.
  February 2014      Achieved 5 million units of global production
  October 2015       Commenced production of Jatco CVT7 W/R (JF020E)
                                 at JATCO Guangzhou
  August 2016         Achieved 10 million units of global production