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Press releases

JATCO France’s Spain branch established

On May 12, JATCO Ltd, a leading manufacturer of automotive transmissions and CVT (continuously variable transmissions), held an opening ceremony for JATCO France’sSpainbranch (hereafter referred to as JF Spain branch). 

The JF Spain branch is located within the grounds of the Nissan Technical Center Europe, which is inBarcelona. The branch is responsible for testing and product quality work for Nissan’s European CVT project. Staffed by four employees, the establishment of the branch strengthens JATCO’s relationship with its primary customer, Nissan, in the areas of development and testing. This newly established branch will allow Nissan to respond to the European market’s needs with greater precision. 

JATCO’s CVTs are currently installed in 16 car models, mostly from Nissan, in the European market. The first-ever combination of a CVT with a diesel engine, which are popular inEurope, in the form of the Nissan Qashqai, has been positively received. 

JATCO profile                                                                                                                                  

Established in 1999 (founded in 1943), JATCO Ltd (Acting President Seiji Honda; headquarters inFujiCity,Shizuoka,Japan; capital: JPY29.94 billion) is a manufacturer that specializes in automotive transmissions. Annual production for FY2012 was approximately 4.9 million units, with consolidated sales of JPY592.5 billion. JATCO’s share of the global CVT market was 49% in 2013. The company has set a sales target of JPY1 trillion to be achieved by fiscal year 2018, by which time the ratio of overseas to domestic production is expected to increase from the 2011 level of 2:8 to 7:3. The expansion of business inEuropeplays an important role in achieving this goal.