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20 June 2011

JATCO Announces Management Changes

JATCO Ltd (headquartered in Fuji City, Shizuoka, Japan) announced changes to its Board Members and Auditors, effective June 20, 2011.  These changes aim to further strengthen JATCOfs global management capability, to enhance the companyfs competitiveness in expanding global markets, and to ensure its business expansion and sustainable growth.

President & CEO

Mr. Takashi Hata, who joined JATCO on April 8 as Adviser, was appointed Board Member, President & CEO of the company.  His predecessor, Mr. Shigeo Ishida, retires from the board and serves as Corporate Adviser of the company.  Mr. Hata has a vast experience in international business and management at Nissho Iwai, GE Plastics and SABIC Japan.

Board Members

Mr. Seiji Honda, who joined JATCO on April 1 as Executive Vice President, was appointed as Board Member.  Mr. Yasuhito Harayama was appointed as non-resident Board Member.  Mr. Shigeo Ishida, Mr. Hitoshi Nagakura and Wataru Ishimaru retired from the Board. Mr. Nagakura continues to serve as Senior Vice President of JATCO.


Mr. Toshio Koyama retired, effective today. Mr. Ken Suematsu was appointed as a new Auditor.

Following these changes, the new management structure as of June 20 and profile of Mr. Hata is as following link:

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