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June 24, 2010

JATCO announces Board Members and Auditors

JATCO Ltd (president: Shigeo Ishida, headquarters: Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture, capitalization: 29,935.3 million yen), Automatic Transmissions and Continuously Variable Transmissions (AT/CVT) manufacturer, announced changes to its Board Members and Auditors, effective June 23.

Board Members and Auditors (Effective June 23)

Board Members             @@@      – Newly appointed


Hidetoshi Imazu

Representative Board Member, President

Shigeo Ishida

Board Member

Yo Usuba

Board Member

Hitoshi Nagakura


Board Member

Jo Tsuji

Board Member

Wataru Ishimaru



Kiyoto Shinohara


Masami Matsuoka


Akihiro Kojima


Toshio Koyama

Newly appointed Board Member

Jo Tsuji, Corporate Officer, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

Board Member retiring, effective June 23

@@@@@@@Hiroshi Kuroda

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