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April 1, 2009

Initiation Ceremony 2009

JATCO Ltd (JATCO, Headquarters: Fuji City, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan; President and CEO: Shigeo Ishida; Capitalization: 29.9353 billion yen), an automatic and continuously variable transmissions (AT/ CVT) manufacturer, held a Initiation Ceremony on April 1,2009.
The following is President's greeting:

Welcome aboard!!
I would like to make an address on behalf of Jatco group.

Our JATCO group produces automatic transmissions and sales them.
We have some affiliates not only in Japan but also overseas, and have been providing our transmissions to car manufacturers around the world. Our new 7-speed ATs installed in NISSAN FAIRLADY Z last year are highly regarded among professionals, and the sales volume of our CVT for mini vehicles provided for the Suzuki WAGON-R etc. are going well. In this year, we start producing CVTs in China. We aim to further grow and globalize.

As you know, decreasing demand of cars in a slumping of world economy since last year is influencing us seriously both at home and abroad. I think some of you do worry about the future of the automotive industry, but we will not be able to survive by worrying. We need to go ahead to the future steadily.
So, I will tell you how to behave as a member of JATCO group.

In our group, our mission is "to provide value to our customers, to the automotive culture and to society" .
To provide value is not only producing and selling our transmissions but also achieving high quality in our products, good support and contribution to protection of the global environment.

I will share with you a piece of good news.
Last year, our area 1-4 and Kanbara plants were awarded with "the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Director-General's Award" in the Commendation Program for Excellent Energy Management Factories of The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. This prize was given for energy reduction of machinery by about 6% by optimization of burning and air control on aluminum melting furnaces for automotive parts. Also, in the Commendation Program for Excellent Energy Managers, Mr. Tsuruoka working in JATCO Plant Tec Ltd was awarded "the METI Minister's Award" for his commitment to promoting energy management. This is proof that our group is creating value to the society.

To survive in the future as a company which is creating value, we have to continue our efforts to raise our competitiveness and the quality of our products. And at the same time, each of us has to think about what we have to do in our work, and not leaving it to others to come out of the crisis. We have to do the best choice according to each situation without being bound to old ways and thinking.
We have to be able to do things which we were not able to do before. We need to reform ourselves to accomplish the impossible. Engaging ourselves actively to reform our work makes the survival of our group.

- end -