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March 5, 2008

JATCO Developes 7-speed Automatic Transmission for RWD vehicles

JATCO Ltd (president: Shigeo Ishida, headquarters: Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture, capitalization: \29,935.3 million), Automatic Transmissions and Continuously Variable Transmissions (AT/CVT) manufacturer, announces that it has developed a new 7-speed automatic transmission (AT) for rear-wheel drive (RWD) vehicles.

The new AT, comprising two types with medium and large torque capacities, can be used for a variety of models, and hence can serve a greater number of users than a conventional type.  Costs of producing the AT have been reduced because it shares parts and production equipment with conventional 5-speed ATs.

The new AT features close gear ratios and expanding the ratio coverage, which make for dynamic startup and acceleration in low to medium speed ranges, as well as an improved fuel economy and quieter driving at high speeds.

Other features of the AT include more advanced adaptive shift control (*1) and synchronized revolution control (*2), which contribute to improved maneuverability by responding to driver intentions more faithfully. These features will surely make driving more exciting and pleasant.

The new 7-speed AT has been produced in the Fujinomiya area (Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture) in February, and will be supplied to Nissan Motor from March 2008.

1.Product name

7-speed AT for medium and large RWD vehicles iJR710E, JR711Ej

2. Features


Improved fuel economy


Improved fuel economy and quietude thanks to expanding the total gear ratio of high gear


Widened lockup range


Adoption of idle neutral control


Light weight and compact design


Heightened driving pleasure


Adoption of more advanced adaptive shift control and synchronized revolution control


Improved startup and acceleration thanks to expanding the total ratio of low gear


Shift change control for improved fuel economy, maneuverability, and acceleration performance


Applicability to a wide range of models


Two types for medium and large torque capacities


Cost reduction through the sharing of parts and production equipment with a conventional 5-speed AT


3. Applicable models to be equipped

Nissan Motor

Infinity EX37, Infinity FX50

*1 Adaptive shift control: selects an optimum shift schedule by automatically choosing from standard, power, uphill and downhill based on throttle angle, engine revolution, brake use, and other driving conditions.
*2 Synchronized revolution control: momentarily increases the engine revolution when downshifting, synchronizes it with the gears, and enables smooth speed change as could be realized with a heel and toe.

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