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June 4, 2002

Press Release

Changes Management

JATCO Ltd (Chairman and CEO: Mr. Kenichi Sasaki, Head Office: Fuji City, Shizuoka, Japan, Capital:

\29.935.3 million) has decided the Management and would like to make the following announcement.

Corporate Officers were appointed in the Board Members’ Meeting on June 3, 2002 and will be effective from June 26, 2002. As for Board Members and Auditors, they will be appointed in the 3rd General Stockholders’ Meeting scheduled on June 26 and the Board Members’ Meeting afterwards, then will be effective from June 26.


1. New Management                            * means new appointment

 1) The Board Members and Auditors (Effective June 26, 2002)

   *Representative Board Member,       Hisayoshi Kojima


      Representative Board Member       Masanori Kobayashi    

      Board Member                Kouichi Ikeda    

      Board Member                 Masayoshi Oshida

     Board Member                  Kazuo Matsuzaki

   *Senior Auditor                Takeo Ishikawa

      Auditor                     Tadao Takei

   *Auditor                    Kenichi Sasaki

 2) The Corporate Officers (Effective June 26, 2002)

     *Chief Executive Officer          Hisayoshi Kojima

      Executive Vice President         Masanori Kobayashi

     Senior Vice President           Kouichi Ikeda

     Senior Vice President           Masayoshi Oshida

      Senior Vice President          Kazuo Matsuzaki

      Senior Vice President           Masashi Hagiwara

      Senior Vice President          Shigeki Saito

      Senior Vice President           Hiroichi Ide

      Senior Vice President           Toshimasa Doi

      Senior Vice President           Makoto Ueda

   *Senior Vice President           Yasuhiro Ebihara

   *Senior Vice President          Masaaki Nishiji


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 3) The Corporate Officers’ responsibilities (Effective June 26, 2002)

     Please refer to separated “The Corporate Officers’ responsibilities”

2.Corporate Officers & Board Members to be retired.

 1) The Board Members and Auditors (Effective June 26, 2002)

      Chairman and President          Kenichi Sasaki

      New Position; Auditor of JATCO Ltd (Effective June 26, 2002)

               President of Nissan Motorsports International Co., Ltd (Effective June 27, 2002)

     Senior Auditor               Takashi Abe

     Senior Auditor               Hajime Kurokawa

      New Position; Auditor of Diyamondmatic Corp.

 2) Corporate Officers (Effective June 26, 2002)

      Chief Executive Officer           Kenichi Sasaki

     Senior Vice President        Kouji Enomoto

      New Position; Adviser of JATCO Ltd (Effective June 26, 2002)

               Chairman of JATCO Europe GmbH (Effective June 26, 2002)

      Senior Vice President Okihiro Nishioka

      New Position; President of JATCO Tool Ltd (Effective June 27, 20)


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